Muchosol booking system redesign

In 2010 I was asked to redesign Muchosol booking system user interface in order to improve the booking experience and put some order in the different views, providing a clean design.

Its forms has lots of options to deal with and the results and detail views also has different messages depending of the cases.

It was a job done side by side with the Marketing and Technical team and I offered the solutions for their requirements. The idea was, aside from improving the UI/UX, to integrate Social Media and boost SEO. I did also the layout coding in HTML/CSS with new SEO improvements in the structure.

It was an experience from which I learned a lot, and led me to have a real interest in the fields of User Experience and User Interface.

Here we can see the Advanced options form view.

Advanced form redesign

This is the Miniform with deployed options view.

Miniform redesign

Here we can see the Results page view.

Results redesign

These are the Detail and booking process views.

Details redesign

Booking process 02

Booking process 03

And this was a small banner I did for the booking callcenter.

Callcenter banner design