Extrem Cicles

I made this website in 2012 as one of my firsts works in my freelancing career after leaving ITSolutions. You can visit this website at Extremcicles.com

It was made through my usual workaround in those days, developing three visual proposals in photoshop to have a starting point so my client can choose one to develop or make a combination of the elements, colors, etc.

As they did not need to update regularly we just developed a static website with HTML and CSS, so any sporadic update should be made through ftp.

Recently this year (2015) I have revisited this website as they required some updates on it and by the way made it mobile friendly and added a pure CSS slider. Also took advantage of Sass, Grunt and Bower.

Graphic design

Before start with the website itself, this business needed an update for its logotype making it neater and capable to resize to bigger sizes as they plan to update the signal at the front of their bricks-and-mortar shop.

Logo Extrem CiclesThis is what I had to start cleaning a low fidelity logo printed in a business card. It seems the logo and its icon were hand drawn, so there was no source file and I had to redraw each letter with Illustrator. We wanted to maintain the visual of the logo so it can be  quickly recognizable and be associated with the older one and the major change was made on the icon.


They also asked me to make their new business card so it can match with the new design and site.